Customers Return To Manutti

Customers Return To Manutti

So often when dealing with my customers I find that they have already owned Manutti in the past and are coming back to me at for more.  Quite often they have had a set of Manutti furniture for over 10 years and are now ready to add to their collection. This makes them qualified happy customers who understand why Manutti makes the difference and want to continue with the brand they trust.  

Whether looking for an extra coffee table or a whole new sofa layout it is the quality of the long lasting materials and especially the comfy cushions that give my customers the confidence to trust in Manutti once again. 

Over the last 15 years Manutti have continued to develop and test all the cushion fabrics so that they look just as good as the ones in your drawing room but can live outside all year round and stand the test of time. 

The cushions can be machine washed but where useful a tailor-made protective cover can add that bit of extra security that the furniture will remain in great shape throughout the winter months. 

To discuss Manutti and any of their wonderful products please do send an email to me at: or give me a call on 07973 539666.   I look forward to working with you. All the best Simon Ingham.