Manutti Sunrise Collection - October 2022

Manutti Sunrise Collection - October 2022

Manutti Sunrise is now expected to be in stock from October 2022 - Manutti Sunrise is a substantial new family of products with a sturdy yet elegant design encompassing a full collection of new teak framed sofas, chairs and tables. 

Exciting news for 2022.  Manutti is launching a full stable of New Collections for 2022 including adding and updating the existing core Manutti Zendo collection to Manutti Zendo Sense, adding more sun loungers and introducing the new Manutti Sunrise collection into the family.   During a recent visit to Belgium, I was able to visit the showroom, see all the new products for 2022 and I take showroom photos of the new products on display. 

For Manutti Sunrise the chairs are presented with a gentle curved teak frame that is supported by an invisibly reinforced structure. The quality of the workmanship is clear to see with the exquisite detailing in the arms while the range is offered in both brushed Natural Teak and stained Teak Scuro. 

The generous cushions offer all round support and using Manutti fabrics the cushions are soft to the touch while being able to live outside all year round.  The fabrics have been specially chosen for this design with 5 different colour combinations to match the Teak and Teak Scuro structures. 

The dining tables have the same teak structure with a slatted top.  They come in a range of sizes and heights with 2 dining tables, 2 coffee tables and a couple of benches that use the same fabrics as the chairs.   

 As you can see the Manutti Sunrise dining table is presented with a smart new Sunrise dining chair and a covered bench as an option for family entertaining. Further posts with details of all the other new Manutti products including the sun loungers and the 2022 update to the Manutti Zendo Sense collection will be released shortly.