Kobo Rattan Garden Furniture on Terrace

How to Clean rattan garden furniture

A popular and durable outdoor furniture material, rattan boasts a wonderful natural look which is almost certain to add the finishing touch to your garden. Buying high quality, luxury rattan furniture will last even longer, assuming you care for it properly, making it a great investment for your garden. In this post we detail how to care for your rattan garden furniture, so you can rest assured that your furniture stays in tip top shape, all year-round.

How durable is rattan garden furniture?

Put simply, it’s incredibly durable. Good quality rattan furniture does not discolour in the sun and it is completely weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about it getting damaged if left out all summer. You do of course need to look after it to keep it in top condition, but it’s certainly a low maintenance option when it comes to garden furniture. One thing we love about the Manutti range (aside from the fact it’s hand-made), is that the rattan wicker furniture such as the River range, is also 100% recyclable.

How to clean rattan garden furniture

One easy way to keep your luxury rattan garden furniture clean is to invest in a protective cover. This removes almost all the need to physically clean your furniture and provides the ultimate protection from the unpredictable UK weather. However, if you don’t have a cover and your furniture looks in need of a spruce up, you can revive it quite nicely with some good old-fashioned soap and water.

How to clean natural rattan

You’ll want to start by getting rid of any debris which is clinging to your furniture, which you can do with either a brush, or an old toothbrush for some of those harder to reach areas. It’s then as simple as gently wiping the furniture down with a wet soapy cloth, repeating until you’re happy your natural rattan is sparkling clean.

How to clean artificial rattan

Although soap and water would also work a treat on artificial rattan furniture, you need to be careful that you don’t damage the finish by scrubbing too hard. If you do choose to use soap and water, just ensure you don’t leave any residue on the rattan, giving it a good rinse before you leave it to dry. You can also buy specific rattan furniture cleaning products, but just be careful that it doesn’t include bleach as this could damage your furniture.     

Why consider Manutti for luxury rattan garden furniture?

Aside from the fact Manutti’s wicker rattan furniture is 100% recyclable (and toxin free), you can also rest assured you’re buying superb quality garden products. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider Manutti for your next piece of luxury rattan furniture:

  • The fibres are proven to be able to deal with extreme changes in temperature
  • They won’t discolour in the sun as the dye used is UV resistant
  • They’re completely water resistant – from rainwater to sea water and chlorinated swimming pool water
  • Each piece is handmade to an impeccable standard 

Our recommendations

The River garden sofa: Enjoy a laid-back seating experience whilst indulging in total comfort with the River garden sofa. Curvaceous in design and sitting low to the ground, the natural look of this piece adds the perfect finishing touch to your garden.

For something similar in style but with an even more relaxed feel, we admire the Kobo sofa. Similar to the River garden sofa in the sense that comfort is king, the Kobo replaces the wicker rattan with elegant handwoven rope. Still recyclable (and GreenGuard/REACH certified), this glorious piece of garden furniture is just as resistant, offering a superb alternative to the rattan style.