Wonderful New Manutti Sun Loungers for 2022

Wonderful New Manutti Sun Loungers for 2022

In October I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Manutti showroom in Deerjilk, Belgium for a peek at all the new creations for 2022.  The new Sunrise and Zendo Sense collections are amazing but for me the stand out of 2022 are the new sun loungers.  There are 6 new sun loungers with my highlight being the the Manutti Flex Teak Sun Lounger.  A new addition to the Flex range this sun lounger is elegance and craftsmanship personified in perfect synthesis. Shown here without the cushion to show off the frame, it comes with a cushion as pictured below. 

The Flex looks like a very smart conventional sun lounger.  However on closer inspection the clever design features are revealed.  With a specially integrated air pump system invisibly integrated into the frame, as you move your body, the chair moves seamlessly to the most comfortable reclining position for reading, sun bathing or just relaxing.  At the touch of a finger the pump will allow you to sit up or lie down flat.  When lying down one can use the pump to sit up gently and move into a reading position or to reach for a glass and then you can simply lie back and let the chair take the strain. 

Although you can take my word for it to be truly appreciated the Flex has to be tried out for yourself and I am pleased to say I have ordered a Flex lounger for my showroom which should be here in Wiltshire in March or early April.  

Alongside the Flex Manutti have launched the new Sunrise collection which includes the new Sunrise sun lounger which comes in 4 different versions.  Teak framed in either brushed teak or Teak Scuro and with or without arms the Sunrise is a beautifully engineered lounger that does exactly what it says on the tin.  A strong frame and very comfortable Manutti cushions with water resistant fabrics the Sunrise can live outside all year round.  

You can see the full range of Manutti sun loungers which now include 18 different products on my Garden House Furniture website.  Please do contact me for any further information on any of the sun loungers or to receive fabric samples at simon@gardenhousefurniture.com