Fuse Patio side table

Luxury patio furniture for small gardens

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the delights of alfresco living during the summer months. Whether your preferred setting is a family meal as the sun begins to set or a refreshing afternoon cocktail with your partner, outdoor furniture plays an important role in allowing you to make the most of your garden when the weather’s on the favourable side.

As you’ll have noticed, our passion is very much biased towards the luxury garden furniture side of things – we can’t get enough of the sleek lines and modern undertones of Manutti’s exquisite range, and this is precisely why we want you to enjoy it too.

Luxury garden furniture isn’t simply suitable for those of us blessed with endless undulating lawns; it looks fantastic in every garden. A well-placed, great piece of furniture can add a whole new dimension to a smaller garden, as the piece itself will have more impact on the look and feel.  So how can you utilise luxury outdoor furniture to spruce up your decking or patio without sacrificing too much space? Let us explain…

The best deck furniture for small gardens

Deck furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, and the space you have available will dictate whether a comfortable sun lounger or some smaller individual chair pieces are more suitable. The good news is, we’ll have something perfect for you and your garden. For instance, comfortable smaller chairs don’t have to live underneath a dining table; why not place them with a space saving side table or coffee table so there’s still room from your cocktail and tapas dishes? Pieces such as the Echo Lounge Chair and Radius Dining Chair are perfect for this idea, complemented fabulously by elegant tables such as the Fuse Side Table or the Torsa Round Coffee Table.

Slightly larger garden lounge chairs also present another fantastic way to give your smaller garden a taste of luxury patio furniture. One of our absolute favourites in this category is the Cascade Lounge chair - the hand-woven rope in grey keeps it classy, and its deep foam cushions means it’s incredibly comfortable too – a couple of these on the patio is all you’ll need to effortlessly enjoy the sunshine.

We can’t forget about the sofas too – you may have visions of large, heavy pieces which take over the look and feel of your humble garden, but you can enjoy the privileges that come with a garden sofa without having to buy something larger than life. Take, for example, the Cascade Day Bed. Similar in style to the previously mentioned Cascade Lounge Chair, but larger, this is the perfect spot to curl up with a great book and a cup of tea as the day gets warmer. For luxury patio furniture with comfort like no other, we highly recommend you explore the delightful Flex range. Thick plush cushions complement the polished teak frames in this range, and you can choose a single piece as a standalone for your garden or use a couple to build out a garden sofa that fits perfectly to your garden’s shape.

Luxury patio dining sets for small gardens

If dining alfresco is one of the ways you love to use your outdoor space, you’ll be pleased to know that luxury patio dining sets aren’t just designed to seat eight or 10! If you regularly cater for four or even two, we’ve got some beautiful, space saving dining sets which will brighten up your garden and welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Below we’ve highlighted some of our favourite choices to get your inspiration flowing…

As part of their luxury patio furniture collection, Manutti boasts some truly gorgeous dining tables for two, made for romantic long lunches and sunset drinks. Take the Torsa Dining Table as a wonderful example, with brushed teak creating a stunning natural look and round top to complement any garden. Twin with some simple elegant chairs such as a couple of the Solid Armchairs for a completely timeless outdoor look.

For family dining or if you entertain a couple of friends every now and again, we think the Siena Round Table is a great space saving choice that still exudes everything you’d expect from a luxury patio set. It’s beautifully hand-crafted from ecologically sourced teak wood and can be left outdoors all year round - you won’t have to worry about it depreciating or tarnishing (as with all our luxury garden furniture).

For even more garden inspiration, we recommend exploring Bunny Guinness’ variety of stunningly designed gardens. Her portfolio will no doubt help you to visualise all kinds of incredible spaces you could create in a smaller garden.

Remember, if you need anything at all we’re on hand to help – simply contact us with any questions, or you could even take a look at some of the pieces in our Newbury showroom. We’re confident once you’ve seen Manutti furniture in the flesh, you’ll be as passionate about it as we are.