New Manutti 2021

New Manutti 2021

Manutti has created some fresh, exciting and important additions to their portfolio for 2021.  Given the tough year we have just been through and how hard it has been for everyone to get together to agree new design ideas, it is doubly impressive that they have made the time to consider how best to enhance their collection.

Manutti have launched Cobi and Tsuki, 2 new designer collections of fabulous garden side tables.  Both collections offer either a sustainable Teak and Teak Scuro wood finish.  Teak Scuro is a new oil-based impregnation that gives the wood a luxurious matt black finish that showcases the natural textures and imperfections in the wood.


New for 2021 the Cobi collection designed by Matthew Townsend is pure Teak.  Using only the finest sustainable natural Teak and dark Teak Scuro this new collection offers great versatility and an opportunity to create interesting combinations.  There are four different tables all offering different heights and dimensions.  Beautiful in both Brushed Teak or Teak Scuro, the four Cobi tables combine perfectly with Flex, Kobo, Air and River.  Cobi is a true reflection of Manutti’s exemplary attention to detail and craftsmanship. 


A playful combination of design, craftmanship and engineering, the 2 sizes of Tsuki tables offer a unique and distinctive sculpted profile.  Available in both Teak Natural and Teak Scuro, the tables showcase the natural textures and imperfections of the wood.  Tsuki can easily be combined with pieces from any of the Manutti stable but work particularly well with the Flex, Siena and Solid collections.