Solid Teak Furniture

Why choose teak for your outdoor furniture?

Teak are tropical trees which can grow as tall as 150feet and can live for an impressive 100 years. Native to South and South East Asia, these trees possess an incredibly durable hard wood which boasts fantastic stability against the effects of water, insects and UV radiation. Due to these impressive properties, teak wood is sought after for creating high-quality furniture, so it’s important to buy from a manufacturer who is sourcing their teak from ecological plantations. This post explores some of the main benefits of teak wood, and why it’s a fantastic choice when it comes to luxury outdoor furniture. We’ll also talk you through some of our own collections to hopefully spark some inspiration for your garden this summer.

#1 Strength and durability 

Teak wood is a popular choice for outdoor furniture due to its incredible durability. Being the strongest of the hardwoods, we adore this wood due to its capacity to survive the ever-changing British weather. From torrential rain and blizzards through to searing summer days, teak wood will keep its integrity. What’s more, it doesn’t require regular varnishing or protective paint to stay strong; the wood is fully equipped to resist the elements by itself (although we do recommend you take basic steps to protect your furniture).

#2 Temperature moderation

Another impressive characteristic to teak wood is its ability to moderate temperature. You need not worry about sitting down and burning the backs of your legs on a hot summer’s day, as teak does not absorb heat like plastics or metals. The same can be said during the colder months; you can rest assured that furniture made from teak will not feel cold to the touch.

#3 Natural resistance to termites and insects

Teak wood is dense, partly due to containing natural oils and silica, and its these elements which help to keep insects and termites at bay. The density of the wood means these critters are unable to penetrate and cause any damage. The same can be said for water (both chlorinated and salt water), which is precisely one of the reasons teak wood has always been a popular material for building boats and is still used today.

Our teak garden tables

If you’re searching for a teak garden table for alfresco dining or relaxing evening drinks, you’ve come to the right place. For 100% teak, you’ll love the Siena Round Dining Table, which is also available as a coffee table design too. For something with a more modern twist, we’ve found that teak also looks beautiful when fused with electropolished stainless steel. You can see an example of this with the Trento Dining Table, an elegant piece, the perfect accompaniment for hosting friends and family.

Another piece of teak outdoor furniture we can’t ignore is the Prato Coffee Table. Wrought iron legs support an aged teak top; perfect poolside or nestled amongst potted plants on the patio.

Our teak garden chairs

From stools and dining chairs through to super comfortable teak sun loungers, we have a wonderful choice of teak garden chairs to suit the space in each and every garden. The Siena Teak Textiles Sun Lounger is precisely what you’ll want if you love nothing more than to relax and catch some rays. The elegant yet simple design boasts a beautifully crafted teak frame with textiles insert, effortlessly incorporating a modern feel.

For a teak garden chair that pairs perfectly with almost any dining table, our Solid Armchair is worth serious consideration. Made using 60-80-year-old teak wood, the smooth curved edges and simple design welcome a coloured cushion to complete the look. It’s no wonder this garden chair is among our best sellers.

Welcome to a whole world of luxury teak garden furniture

We’re confident in our range of luxury teak garden furniture and believe we have something ideal to complete your garden’s look. What’s more, you can rest assured that all our teak wood is obtained from ecological plantations, so you know you’re getting top-quality, sustainably sourced teak.

To explore more of our modern teak furniture, we recommend the Siena Collection and Solid Collection, however you’ll find plenty more gorgeous contemporary teak furniture pieces throughout many more of the Manutti collections. Enjoy exploring them all!