Manutti Furniture

Why we chose to champion Manutti furniture

You may have already noticed that our entire collection of garden furniture is from one designer: Manutti. Before Garden House Furniture was launched, we already had a longstanding passion for this particular furniture, and when our business was born, we simply wanted to share that belief with our customers. We wanted to offer our clientele the ultimate in comfortable luxury garden furniture, without sacrificing detail, quality or durability, and Manutti’s range offers precisely that.

Manutti’s garden furniture range…

It’s safe to say that if you’re searching for exquisite but comfortable garden furniture, Manutti can deliver. From elaborate sofas in a variety of sizes and stylish dining pieces, through to sun loungers, umbrellas and even outdoor rugs, it’s incredibly easy to spruce up your outdoor spaces with Manutti. 

With each product belonging to a particular collection, if you find a style you like you can explore other items which have been designed using the same or similar materials and fabrics. For example, if you’re attracted to teak garden furniture, Manutti’s Siena Collection is ideal. If you prefer a more rustic look, the woven wicker weaves from the River or San Diego Collections are sure to tick your boxes.

The moods… Tender Earth, Crisp Water…

Exploring the power of emotions is another way in which Manutti expresses itself with each fabric assigned a particular mood. If you can think of nothing better than listening to summer tunes and relaxing by the poolside or aboard your yacht, you’ll adore the nautical colours and robust fabrics associated with Crisp Water. If your heart resides at the beach – perhaps listening to gushing waves lap the shore and feeling the sand between your toes, the natural tones of weathered wood and seaborne colours of Salty Dunes are sure to entice you to explore further.

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You’ll never have to sacrifice on quality…

If our experience with Manutti furniture is anything to go by, we are incredibly confident of the superb quality across every single product offered. No matter whether you choose humbler pieces such as the Mood Coffee Table or larger, more extravagant pieces such as the Kobo Sofa or Elements Concept 5, the same love and attention is injected into every product, from design and materials right through to achieving hand-crafted perfection. From ecologically sourced teak wood and recyclable hand-woven rope through to wrought iron, electropolished stainless steel and acid etched glass, it’s safe to say that there’s a piece of Manutti furniture to suit every taste. If you need to see it to believe it, that’s no problem, simply book an appointment at our Marlborough based showroom to explore a range of products on show across different collections.

Indulge in unique style options… 

Aside from your staple garden furniture items, Manutti has also created an accessories collection, incorporating a variety of more unique items; this is just another reason why we admire this brand. Beautifully sleek and stylish rechargeable outdoor lights will bring your patio to life or add a touch of comfort through a high-quality outdoor rug. Manutti’s ability to bring the comfort of indoors, outdoors, all adds to the appeal of the brand, and when you add in the luxury factor too, suddenly you’ve transformed your outdoor space into something special.

If you have any questions about Manutti’s furniture range, please feel free to get in contact at and we’ll tell you everything we know and love about this extraordinary luxury garden furniture brand.