Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2
Manutti Fuse Concept 2

Manutti Fuse Concept 2


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The Manutti Fuse Concept 2 is a composition from the garden collection  designed by Stephane de Winter, the founder and head designer of Manutti.  Concept 2 is 395cm long x 360cm deep and comes with the coffee table shown in the composition.  The modules can be adapted into a composition to suit your dimensions so please do contact us to discuss your project. 

Using high grade powder coated aluminium and innovative fabrics Stephane has always sought to be at the cutting edge of modern garden design. The Manutti Fuse collection with strong clean lines and comfortable cushions showcases the best materials in modern garden furniture.  

The cushions can live outside all year round while the fabrics are machine washable.  Manutti have prepared 3 suggested colour combinations but still offer the full fabric catalogue for customers who wish to create their own look. 

There is a tailor-made protective cover made to cover the whole composition that is recommended to protect the materials from dirt and staining and the worst of the weather.  Delivery and installation are Free to the UK mainland.

Materials & Colour Combinations


PCA in Lava or White




Tailor-made protective Cover


Modular System
Stackable Lounger


L 395 X W 360

Free delivery is offered as standard for all mainland UK orders.  The only exception will be for the most complex of installations where a hoist or extra personnel are required.

All installations are made to the location of your choice.

All packaging is removed and deliveries are signed off to confirm they have been completed correctly to your satisfaction.

My delivery team only ask that any delivery information that will affect the delivery efficiency is addressed beforehand.

They need to know of any unusual access issues.  These include a narrow access road or passageway to the property, whether the installation is a long distance from the parking, there is a balustrade that needs to be delivered over, what floor the furniture is to be delivered to, and any other impediment to access with often extremely large and heavy pieces of furniture.

International deliveries are priced separately.  Delivery is offered worldwide and we can often provide an installation service overseas. 

We regularly deliver to containers for customers taking products from multiple suppliers overseas.

For more information please call Simon on 07973 53966 or email


Clean Lines


Suggested Colour Combinations

Different combinations might vary the price.