Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4 Size
Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4
Manutti Elements Concept 4 Size

Manutti Elements Concept 4


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Designed by Gerd Couckhuyt the Manutti Elements garden concept sofa range is an outstanding technical achievement melding sophisticated materials into a design of outstanding elegance and comfort.   

In particular using tough Quaryl®, a mixture of the finest ground quartz and acrylic. This exclusive Villeroy & Boch innovation combines all the quality benefits of acrylic and quartz.  Quaryl® is very easy to clean, thanks to the non-porous and completely smooth surface.  Onto this surface the unique backrests offer a range of versatile layouts. 

Concept 4 is 560cm long x 235cm deep and is shown here the plumper casual cushions for a particularly relaxed posture.   The regular cushions are shown on Concept 3.  

A single tailor-made protective cover is produced to fit this arrangement.  As there is so much to consider with an Elements purchase please do contact us to discuss all the ingredients.  Delivery and installation are Free to the UK mainland.

Materials & Combinations


Modular system
Reclining back 30°


PCA White F8


Footrest 70
Sidetable 35
LED light
Remote controlled LED
Tailor-made protective cover
Tailor-made concept cover
Casual cushions

Free delivery is offered as standard for all mainland UK orders.  The only exception will be for the most complex of installations where a hoist or extra personnel are required.

All installations are made to the location of your choice.

All packaging is removed and deliveries are signed off to confirm they have been completed correctly to your satisfaction.

My delivery team only ask that any delivery information that will affect the delivery efficiency is addressed beforehand.

They need to know of any unusual access issues.  These include a narrow access road or passageway to the property, whether the installation is a long distance from the parking, there is a balustrade that needs to be delivered over, what floor the furniture is to be delivered to, and any other impediment to access with often extremely large and heavy pieces of furniture.

International deliveries are priced separately.  Delivery is offered worldwide and we can often provide an installation service overseas. 

We regularly deliver to containers for customers taking products from multiple suppliers overseas.

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